10,000 Miles, $10,000

$6,000+ Raised Towards My $10,000 Goal


I feel extremely blessed to have “found” running after the birth of our two kids, Seamus and Finley. When I was younger, I joined the track team because it was something that I was kind of good at, though I didn’t necessarily enjoy it. But as a stay-at-home mom of two small children, going for a run became a sort of lifeline for me. It gave me an opportunity to burn off a day’s worth of nervous energy as well as a time to focus, be alone with my thoughts, and re- center myself. (Or just zone out and escape from my life for a bit.) I ran my first- ever half marathon when Finley was twenty months old and my first marathon the following year.

Something about that 26.2- mile distance really spoke to me. A marathon is an incredibly physical endeavor and requires a tremendous amount training and discipline. But I think it’s an even greater mental challenge, and what has kept me coming back to these races is the chance to prove that I have the fortitude to will my body to be faster and stronger than I thought it could be.

That first marathon

At some point between marathon #2 and #3, my husband, Jim, mentioned that one of his co- workers was running a marathon in every state. It took about forty- five seconds for the two of us to agree that this was a fantastic idea and that we, too, should begin a similar journey. I started out with the goal of running a marathon in every state in under four hours, but I soon amended this to a Boston Qualifying marathon in every state. (3:40 when I was 35- 39, and then 3:40 again when I turned 40 and Boston revamped their standards.) I was now able to combine this new obsession with another one of my passions: travel. I am incredibly grateful to have seen so much of the country through our “runcations” and to have the opportunity to bring our boys along to many of our destinations.

Over these past eight years, I have developed a love for running, for the marathon distance, and for the incredible community of athletes we have had the privilege to meet through our travels. I planned out my race calendar so that I could complete this journey at home with the Go! Saint Louis Marathon on March 29th. If I hit my time goal, I’ll be joining a special tribe of ladies: I should be the tenth woman to run a Boston Qualifying Marathon in all fifty states, and I am only aware of two others that have done so in under 3:40. Over the past 4 ½ years, from the time that I began training for state #1 to the time that I cross the finish line of state #50, I will have run close to 10,000 miles.

This sport has given me so much, and as I close in on my final marathon, it is important to me to find a way to give back to my community. Prior to having my kids, I taught middle school, which was a job that I adored and which I still miss. I believe in our public schools and in the idea that every child should have access to a high- quality education free of charge. An integral component of this is the school- readiness that early childhood programs provide. Therefore, in honor of my 50th BQ state finish and my 10,000 miles of pounding the pavement, I am attempting to raise $10,000 for a nonprofit here in my hometown of Kirkwood, Missouri: Kirkwood Area Every Child Promise.


KAEChP is an organization that strives to ensure every child in Kirkwood and their family are prepared for success when they enter kindergarten. The organization provides:

  • Preschool scholarships and connections to quality early childhood experiences
  • Information and assistance navigating resources in order to meet the basic needs of the children and families they serve
  • Access to Promise Place, a clothing and supply closet where families can get assistance with items to support the basic needs of their children ages 0-6
  • Coordination with resources such as Kirk Care, Parents as Teachers, Kirkwood Public Library, and Kirkwood School District in order to provide holistic support for families

If you would like to donate to this very worthy cause, you can do so through the following link: https://kirkwoodareaeverychildpromise.org. (Please note that I do not have a fancy fundraising page set up because fancy fundraising pages take a percentage of the profits.) All donations that are made to “Sadie’s 50th Marathon Fundraiser will be matched, so your contribution will reach even more children.

If you are still reading this, I want you to know how much I appreciate your consideration, your support, and your friendship. This has been the most incredible of journeys, and if you are in town on March 29th, please help me celebrate it’s conclusion with a great deal of alcohol (and most likely tacos.)

2 thoughts on “10,000 Miles, $10,000

  1. Sadie, We really enjoyed chanting for you today! Your husband and boys were so proud. Congratulations on a job well done! (again!!)
    Amazing. Boston Strong!


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