Vermont City Marathon, Take Two (May 2019)

I ran the Vermont City Marathon in 2016, which was the year that they black flagged the course for excessive heat and humidity. I was able to finish under 4:00 and before they shut down the race, but the 3:48 that I ran here remains my slowest marathon time and did not qualify me for Boston. Therefore, it was one that I needed to re- run. (Like Texas, I could have chosen a different marathon for this state, but I really wanted to ‘beat’ the race that slowed me down in a previous year.)

Jim ran this marathon as well, and we brought the kids along and once again stayed with my old college roommate, Kristen, and her family. They were fantastic hosts and graciously watched the boys while we ran. And their son, Finn, and our Finley got along splendidly.

In the Ben and Jerry’s bus

The first time that I ran this marathon, it had an 8:00 start time. After the 2016 debacle, the time was moved back to 7:00, which was very helpful as it can get hot in Vermont in late May. (Who knew?) Weather must really be a thing in this state, because as soon as Jim and I arrived at the start, we were put on a thunderstorm delay and diverted to a parking garage for shelter. We caught up with a group of 50sub4 members which helped to pass the time until we could get back on the course. The race officially started about 45 minutes late.

The course was the same as in 2016, but the improved weather made SUCH a difference. I knocked 20 minutes off of my old time and had a much more enjoyable experience. And I was once again impressed by the number of spectators that come out for this event. I heard somewhere that it’s the state’s largest sporting event 😉 Vermont is a beautiful state, and I look forward to returning for a fall race someday.

Not Burlington, but one of many adorable Vermont towns we drove through

Sub 4 State #40, BQ State #40, Sub 3:30 State #19

Finish Time: 3:28:08

Overall Place Within My Gender: 54/833

Favorite Race Day Song: “Gloria”

Total Training Miles: 8,349.7

Shoe Total: 26

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